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Bion | 02497 iLight Wheelchair, Elevating, FA (Flip-up Armrests) (17.3 Inch Seat Width)

Bion | 02497 iLight Wheelchair, Elevating, FA (Flip-up Armrests) (17.3 Inch Seat Width)

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Bion 02497 iLight Wheelchair, Elevating, FA (Flip-up Armrests) (17.3 Inch Seat Width) is one of our Elevating Series. The most defining feature is its elevating leg rests, suitable for patients with leg and knee injuries, and are required to keep their leg elevated. The cushion helps in prolonged usage of the wheelchair and when not in use, the unit can be easily stored away.

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  • Cushioned Armrest
  • Flip-up Armrests
  • Removable Seat Cover
  • Calf Pads
  • Grooved Hand Rims
  • Elevating Footrest
  • Detachable Footrests
  • Seat Belts
  • Ventilated Upholstery
  • Solid Front Wheels
  • High Quality Solid PU Tires
  • Attendant Brakes
  • Flip-up Footrest
  • Rear Pouch
  • User Brakes with Replaceable Brake Pads
  • Carrying Handle 

BION 02497 SPECIFICATION: You can also refer to the photos for full dimensions.

  • Overall Width: 24.4" (62cm)
  • Overall Height: 35" (89cm)
  • Overall Length: 44.9" (114cm)
  • Folded Length: 37" (94 cm)
  • Folded Width: 12.2" (31 cm)
  • Folded Height: 28.7" (73 cm)
  • *Legrest Elevated: 46.9" (119cm)
  • Net Weight: 16.5kg
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg
  • Frame Material: Aluminium


  • Seat Width: 17.3" (44cm)
  • Seat Depth: 16.9" (43cm)
  • Seat Height: 19.7" (50cm)
  • Backrest Height (From Seat): 16.5" (42cm)
  • Distance between Armrest: 17.7" (45cm)


  • Front Wheel Size: 7"
  • Rear Wheel Size: 22" x 1⅜" Solid Tyres, Spokes Rim
  • Anti-Tipper: Yes

Short write-out

Cushioned Armrest - Cushioned armrests on wheelchairs provides comfort and support for the user, helping to reduce pressure and strain on the arms and shoulders.

Flip-up Armrests - Flip-up armrests on wheelchairs are designed to be easily raised and lowered as needed, providing greater access and convenience for the user.

Removable Seat Cover - Removable Seat Cover allows caregivers easy maintenance and cleaning, as well as the option to change the seat cover if desired. Having a removable seat cover can also provide a layer of protection for the original seat of the wheelchair, helping to extend its lifespan.

Calf Pads - Calf pads attach to the lower leg area of the wheelchair provides support and comfort to users who use wheelchairs for extended periods of time and may experience discomfort or pressure sores in their lower legs

Grooved Hand Rims - Grooved hand rims provide a more secure and comfortable grip, which can reduce hand fatigue and improve the overall experience of propelling a wheelchair.

Elevating Footrest - Elevating Footrest provides an additional support and comfort for the legs and feet of the user. It helps the user achieve a more comfortable and ergonomic sitting position, which can reduce discomfort and pressure points.

Detachable Footrests - The detachable feature allows for easy transfer in and out of the wheelchair, as well as easy storage and transportation of the chair. The footrests is attached or detached using a locking mechanism, making it quick and easy to make adjustments. Users with limited mobility in their legs and feet can transfer out of their wheelchair easily.  


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