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Bion | 02555 iLight Wheelchair (17.3 Inch Seat Width), L100

Bion | 02555 iLight Wheelchair (17.3 Inch Seat Width), L100

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iLight just got lighter!

The new Bion 02555 iLight Wheelchair (17.3 Inch Seat Width), L100 is the next generation of Bion iLight Wheelchair EZ.

A new model that successfully combines functionality and aesthetics while also being lighter and more maneuverable.

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  • Protective Side Panels
  • PU Armrest
  • Grooved Hand Rims & High Quality PU Tires
  • Breathable Upholstery Backrest
  • Breathable Canvas Seat
  • Seat Belt
  • Ventilated Seats
  • High Quality Solid Wheels
  • High Quality Solid PU Tires
  • User Brakes
  • Height Adjustable Footplates
  • Ankle Supports
  • Carrying Handles

BION 02555 SPECIFICATION: You can also refer to the photos for full dimensions.

  • Overall Width: 26.4" (67cm)
  • Overall Height: 35.4" (90cm)
  • Overall Length: 39" (99cm)
  • Folded Length: 35" (89cm)
  • Folded Width: 11.8" (30cm)
  • Folded Height: 29.1" (74cm)
  • Net Weight: 11.8kg
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg 
  • Frame Material: Aluminium


  • Seat Width: 17.3" (44cm)
  • Seat Depth: 16.9" (43cm)
  • Seat Height: 18.9" (48cm)
  • Backrest Height (From Seat): 15.7" (40cm)
  • Distance between Armrest: 17.3" (44cm)


  • Front Wheel Size: 6" PVC
  • Rear Wheel Size: 22" x 1⅜" PU Tyres, Spokes Rim
  • Anti-Tipper: No


Short write-out for this wheelchair

Protective Side Panels - Protective side panels provide extra protection to the user.

PU Armrest - Armrests on wheelchairs provides comfort and support for the user, helping to reduce pressure and strain on the arms and shoulders.

Grooved Hand Rims & High Quality PU Tires - Grooved hand rims provide a more secure and comfortable grip, which can reduce hand fatigue and improve the overall experience of propelling a wheelchair.

Breathable Upholstery Backrest - Breathable and durable canvas upholstery backrest that promotes better ventilation and reducing the build-up of heat and moisture. This can be particularly beneficial in preventing discomfort and skin irritation for wheelchair users who may spend extended periods sitting in their chairs.

Breathable Canvas Seat - Breathable and durable canvas seat that provides ventilation and comfort for the users.


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