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Bion | 02578 Bion Safety Bedrail F100

Bion | 02578 Bion Safety Bedrail F100

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Ensure the well-being of your loved ones by offering them support and assistance when getting in and out of bed. The Bion Safety Bedrail F100 provides peace of mind by preventing accidental falls from the bed, especially for individuals who may be prone to rolling or moving around during sleep.

*Note: This product is not assembled and requires self-assembly.

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  • Cushion Handle Grip
  • Swing Door with Lever
  • Hanging Multipurpose Pouch
  • Height Adjustable Foot Tube & Footpad Screws
  • Flexible & Easy Installation
  • Bedrail Can Be Easily Installed on Either Side

BION 02578 SPECIFICATION: You can also refer to the photos for full dimensions.

  • Net Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Frame Finishing: High-Carbon Steel
  • Cushion: Nylon & Foam


          • Overall Height: 77 - 103cm
          • Overall Width: 85cm
          • Swing Door Width: 43cm
          • Swing Door Height: 32cm
          • U-Shaped Flat Tube: 54cm
          • Width Between 2 Foot Tubes: 40cm

                  PRODUCT CARE

                  • Wipe With Damp Cloth


                        Short write-out

                        Cushion Handle Grip - The cushion anti-slip grip provides comfort and reduced impact on the user's hands. It provides users with a stable and secure grip, reducing the risk of accidental slips and improving overall control.

                        Swing Door with Lever - The lever handle is a type of door handle that operates by pressing down or pulling up the lever to release the latch and open the door.

                        Hanging Multipurpose Pouch - The hanging multipurpose pouch serves as a versatile storage solution, providing convenient and organized storage for a variety of items while also allowing easy access to necessities for the user.

                        Height Adjustable Foot Tube & Footpad Screws - Height adjustable foot tube and footpad screws, allows the user or caregivers to set the bedrail at a height that facilitates assistance with daily care tasks, ensuring the safety and well-being of the person in bed.

                        Flexible & Easy Installation - There are two ways of securing the bedrail to the bed. Users could either fasten the U-shaped flat tube onto the bed base firmly with the screws provided or secure the U-shaped flat tube to the bed base with the extendable strap provided.

                        Bedrail Can Be Easily Installed on Either Side - Adapting to your unique requirements, install the bedrail easily on either side by lifting and securing it effortlessly.

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